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Yeap Cloud International Site fully support IPv6.

2022/04/01 Updates After discussion, we have decided that fully support IPv6 in Yeap Cloud International Site and Console. The projects correlated to Yeap Cloud will gradually update to support IPv6 in the future. That's all.

#2022/01/22# Console update notice.

We are planing to upgrade the security protocol from UTC+8 2022/01/22 20:30 to 22:30, during the time, you can not log in or register. Please be awared.

How to add accelerated domain name and bind CNAME to CDN

Accelerated domain name Enter the accelerated domain name, select the appropriate source site, determine the type of business, and determine the acceleration area (only support Alibaba Cloud members above L3) adddomain-basic accelerated domain name is a wireless acceleration product launched for mobile applications, providing intelligent domain name resolution and wireless protocol optimization , Content dynamic compression, operator-level optimization and other technologies to improve the network quality, usability and user experience of mobile applications. Get the CNAME domain name PING the accelerated domain name you added, if it is redirected*.

Didun Network: What is the difference between the virtual host's independent IP and the independent server's IP?

What is the difference between the independent IP of the virtual host and the independent IP of the server? From the point of view of IP usage, there is no difference between the independent IP assigned by the virtual host and the independent IP of the server, and both have the same access function. Although the virtual host is a part of the space divided from the server, after the independent IP is assigned, the access of the two does not affect each other, and there is no relationship. Of course, compared to shared IP hosting, the cost of virtual space for independent IP is higher. Generally, servers are independent IPs, while virtual hosts have more shared IPs. Users can choose the right product according to their needs.

How to modify dns settings? How to set dns to optimize network speed?

This requires everyone to pay more attention to the dns settings. How to modify the dns settings? How to modify dns settings? How to set dns to optimize network speed? Method 1: Manually set the dnsxp system to enter the dns setting method: how to set the dns of the xp system 7 system enter the dns setting method as follows: 7 how to set the dns server address (E)” before you can fill in the dns address. Method 2: use the software setting dns

Leiluo Hong Kong Independent IP Virtual Host|1G Storage Space|Only RMB 77

In 2020, Liluo Hosts launched a 40% discount on Hong Kong independent IP virtual hosts for life. After the discount, the annual payment for small virtual hosts with 1G storage space is only 77 yuan, which is very affordable, suitable for unwilling to toss, long-term #建站#, and has relatively data. User choice with less and less traffic. Currently, the #香港# independent IP virtual host provided by Liluo Host is relatively affordable, especially after the discount, it is difficult to find such an affordable host in domestic merchants. Hong Kong independent IP virtual host solution: Hong Kong independent IP host 300M models

dns intelligent resolution query DNS domain name resolution

(1) After entering the domain name "" in the browser address bar of the client, the client automatically generates a query and sends the query to the local cache for analysis. If the query information can be resolved, the query is completed. When the local DNS server receives the address, it will look for the "" domain name DNS and continue to query until it finds a DNS with "", and the DNS returns the IP address of "" to the local DNS server, as shown in the following figure: Reverse lookup (reverse analysis): Look up the domain name by IP address.

How to fix the dns configuration error of the free dns resolution server

What are the free DNS resolution servers in China? Are there any free DNS resolution servers in China? Which resolution method is recommended for free dns resolution servers: Here we use the recommended foreign everydns free DNS servers to resolve domestic registered domain names.

What's the matter with independent ip buying a virtual host with independent ip? Is it possible for an independent ip to visit the website?

What's the matter with the independent ip virtual host? Is it possible to visit the website with an independent ip? However, if you use a dedicated IP, your website access speed will be faster than the website under the shared IP. What is better for virtual hosts to use independent ip than shared ip? The virtual host you buy by yourself should be clear. How can I check whether my virtual host ip is independent? Since the virtual host cannot be accessed by IP, it can only be accessed by domain name, so when the prompt "The domain name you are visiting is not bound to the host" appears, you can be sure that the virtual host has been used by the website.

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