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Yeap Cloud provides full stack Cloud computing to inscrese your stability and customers' charming!

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Available in German Area. Huge bandwidth, Enough resources, Stable services. Resource are granted, suitable for any kinds of Apps.

Dedicated web hosting

Available in USA, Europe, and Hongkong. Dedicated resources, and powerful functions you can get. No more resources shared!


One of the most advance CDN system. Machine learning WAF. Quick networking, flexible rule.

Web Hosting

Dedicated resources: CPU, memory, networking, IO. Just make sure your website will get all resources in need.


Cheapest price: low budgets, hight value, and use our global IP route intelligence DNS for free.


Anti-SPAM and Anti-virus software installed, with POP3 and SMTP and IMAP protocol. Try it for free.


10*365 technology support team and pre-sale group waiting for your ticket and message!


10 locations, reach every continent. Just deliver you content by the closest server!


Web hosting with 99.99% SLA, VPS server and dedicated server with 99% SLA.

Easy Upgrade

Scalable configuration, upgrade web hosting/CDN/server/storage just one click.

Find a personal or professional domain

Create, collaborate, and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design.

Popular Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

All resources are separated by our top advanced technology. Your website will run like flying in the sky!
We provide high performance hosting even better than the VPS! If you want your website run fast with low budget, choose this!


We offers a free month of service for new customers.

$ 1.99 /mo
  • 512M Ram
  • 1 * 25% CPU
  • 50Mbps IO
  • 5G SATA Storage
  • 3 Domain Hosted Support
  • 10 Email Account
  • 2 Database
  • 500G Traffic
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We offers a free 7 days of service for new customers.

$ 5.99 /mo
  • 1.5G Ram
  • 2 * 35 CPU
  • 70Mbps IO
  • 30G SATA Storage
  • 10 Domain Hosted Support
  • 35 Email Account
  • 5 Database
  • 2T Traffic
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We offers a free 14 days of service for new customers.

$ 14.99 /mo
  • 5G Ram
  • 5 * 50% CPU
  • 100Mbps IO
  • 100G SATA Storage
  • Unlimited Domain Hosted Support
  • 200 Email Account
  • 15 Database
  • Unlimited Traffic
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Dedicated resources directly come from physical server, you will not share just 5% or no more than 10% CPU/Memory with other users, you will get your own processor time granted. Run PHP/Python project every where and debug every time.

YeapVM are developed by Yeap Cloud, we have plenty of experience on virtual machine and elastic compute. Every efforts are made to ensure you will get the best user experience with a lowest price. You will see how good we are!

Do you want a blog/website just one click? Or just write something in a private blog platform? If that so, choose our Wordpress server. Leave anything to us, you just need write and share! Now buy our Wordpress server, you got One Year domain and one Exquisite template!

Have so much staffs to use Email? Are you suffering so many Email account too pain to be managed? Choose us right now, you will control everything easily on your mobile phone according to our Console on web, APP, mini program. We provide "On your own brand" Email theme.

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Frequently asked

Create, collaborate, and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design.

How our Yeap Cloud work ?

We intergrate all system into one Console. To make user easily control everything on the Cloud in Yeap Cloud.

Can I refound or change my bought product?

Some of products can be refound, some donot, please check the terms page.

How to make unlimited data entry ?

You can buy bandwidth package when yours in-plan bandwidth runs out. (Notice: Some product may not support such upgrade.)

Is Yeap Cloud safer to use with my account ?

Yes. We do not leak any user data unless government department has the search warrent.

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Create, collaborate, and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design.

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